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Cubs Outfield Depth, Alfonso Soriano and Phone Books

By bullpenbrian at 01.30.2013 Leave a comment.

Yellow Pages dropped off a brick of 12 phone books at my condo complex this week, which I lugged inside the main doors while wondering when’s the last time I used an actual phone book to look up anything? Pre 2000 is my best guess.

I can’t help but think the printing of phone books is dead money to the company. But two days later the books had disappeared from inside the main walkway. I’m thinking another resident hauled them away…probably to the dumpster.
The addition of Scott Hairston last week gives the Cubs some quality outfield depth the roster lacked in 2012. It’s not a dynamic outfield by any means, but it should, in theory, help improve a weak offense and help bridge the gap to guys like Brett Jackson, Jorge Soler and Albert Almora.

Here’s a closer look at the Cubs outfield heading into spring camp and how it could play out if Alfonso Soriano is traded…CLICK HERE


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