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Off Field Distraction Puts Marmol Trade In Jeopardy

By bullpenbrian at 02.01.2013 Leave a comment.

Carlos Marmol
We’ve known all offseason the Cubs are actively pursuing a trade partner for Carlos Marmol.

The Cubs struck a deal with the Angels in early November to swap Marmol for starting pitcher Dan Haren, but the trade fell through when the Cubs reportedly got cold feet after examining Haren’s medicals.

At the time, however, the offseason was still far from over and the Winter Meetings had yet to take place in Nashville.

Now the Cubs’ window to move Marmol before the season has nearly closed. Pitchers & catchers report for duty in less than two weeks and the first spring training game is less than a month away.

“Although I don’t anticipate the unfortunate news of Marmol being accused of domestic violence in the Dominican Republic will decrease any trade value he has as a pitcher, I do suspect it will bring pause to organizations that may have interest in acquiring him.”

A hearing involving this incident is scheduled a week from today, Feb. 8, so it seems likely another week will pass before anything baseball related happens with Marmol.

As far as the baseball side of the story is concerned, should the alleged incident drag on through the spring it’s hard to imagine any team will pursue Marmol via trade.

There will be raised awareness of how this will affect Marmol’s preparation for the baseball season and his mental game.

Dealing Marmol and his $9.8 million contract has been difficult enough without any off the field distractions. So until the dust settles in the DR we can be certain the Cubs are stuck with Marmol, and dealing with the seriousness of the alleged incident.
Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol was accused in a Dominican Republic court on Wednesday of domestic violence involving a 24-year-old woman, and his attorneys, in turn, filed a countersuit claiming extortion, according to a Dominican news report.

Neither Marmol nor his agent, Paul Kinzer, could be immediately reached for comment Thursday.

But a source close to the Cubs’ closer said an investigation into the alleged incident, involving Miledys Mejia Cepeda, already has been completed by local law enforcement officials in the Dominican, without finding sufficient cause to bring charges.

via Carlos Marmol accused of domestic violence – Chicago Sun-Times.

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