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Super Thoughts On The Super Bowl

By bullpenbrian at 02.03.2013 Leave a comment.

Seeing as how the Super Bowl is the most celebrated holiday in America (unofficially, of course), here are a couple of football related thoughts before this evening’s ‘Big Game.’

*Because the word ‘Super Bowl’ is a protected trademark belonging to the NFL, and because the league limits the term for commercial purposes, broadcast advertisers, unless authorized, have to say something else when referring to the term Super Bowl.

So typically we hear ‘Big Game’ this and ‘Big Game’ that…get your big screen TV in time for the ‘Big Game’. How lame, right?

*The mainstream media is in love with Colin Kaepernick and Deer Antler Lewis. I understand the stories (and even the non stories) surrounding  these two guys brings eyes to the screen, which is their job after all.

But it would be welcomed if Super Bowl articles, especially those not pertaining to Kaepernick or Lewis, adorned the header area with photos of players other than these two.  It’s getting exhausting picturing Kaepernick in a Cubs uniform.

*Does the Pistol offense become a staple in the NFL? I don’t think so.

It’s too gimmicky and reminds me of the Wildcat. And remember when that was the next big thing in the NFL…

College football guy yearns for the day when the ol’ college fake’em, Wishbone, Wildcat, Spread, or whatever new fad offense there is, transitions to the NFL. Of course they rarely do, and even then, it’s only aspects of those formations.


Because pro football isn’t college! There are superior defenders at every position! Nearly every guy on the field was that draft pick caliber player, he was one of the best in college football…he’s fast, football smart and well coached. He can see through a gimmick offense.

Defensive minded coaches, meanwhile, who are paid well, but on short leashes, figure out ways to stop gimmicky offenses because they can’t afford not to. 

And despite what some may believe, the pistol quarterback at the pro level isn’t the single most talented athlete on the field. Occasionally it may appear that way, but trust me, he isn’t. 

There are world class athletes on the other side of the ball. Men who are plenty capable of mashing the pistol QB. It’s already happened to RGIII and it could happen again this evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting for players to be injured, or even rooting against the pistol QB guys. In fact, I love watching Russell Wilson play. What I’m saying, however, is the pistol won’t last, at least not in its current form, because it’s no different from the last gimmick offense.

Sorry, but the older brother, backyard, college trick’em game has never worked in the pros. Ultimately, you need your quarterback to read defenses, not the other way around.

*Something I learned this week. Steve Young (HOF 2005) did not take a single snap out of the shotgun formation during his 15 seasons in the league. Never would’ve guessed.

*Randy Moss says he’s the best wide receiver of all time. Child, please.
Great players (or people for that matter) don’t take plays off.
Great players don’t quit on their team.
Great players don’t say ‘hey, over here, look at me, I’m the greatest of all time.’

Ridiculous, but fitting such an absurd statement comes from Moss.

Besides, we already know who the greatest NFL receiver of all time is.
So please Randy, can it.

*I love watching the Super Bowl. I wish the Colts were playing in the game, but when they’re not I take sides anyway. This year I’m siding with Baltimore (even though they eliminated the Colts). And I’m doing this for no particular reason other than I’m captivated by the notion Ray Lewis might actually ascend into heaven following a Ravens victory.

That’s something I’ve never seen before, and I think it will make for a terrific Instagram.

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