Accordion Closet Doors

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Accordion Closet Doors Sweet


Closet doors Accordion, also known as double doors, can be dangerous for a small child. Young children can get their fingers caught in the hinge front that opens to you when the door opens. You may also want to childproof door just to keep your baby out of the closet. Child-proof cabinet door accordion involves installing a lock that makes –Accordion Closet Doors

Close the accordion closet doors to the end. If you have a long closet with more than one door, close all. Push a door lock double sheet of plastic on the hinge of the first accordion door. Push a separate lock on each door hinges in the closet.

When you press the lock accordion closet doors in place, the handle should face outward toward you. Push a wedge provided above the lock, between the plastic and the door, if the lock is loose. If the lock fitting,

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