Affordable But Wonderful Paper Lantern Light Fixtures

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Led Paper Lantern Light Fixtures

Paper lantern light fixtures, although not very expensive, can liven up a party, holiday or any event. They may look nice in an elegant wedding reception and party in a casual barbecue in courtyard. Combine various colors of paper lanterns to create an interesting visual aspect, or stick to one color, if you go for a simpler decor, sophisticated.

Place LED lights on small paper lanterns and flashlights use as a centerpiece. Align a lantern on a table runner, or grouped in small groups in center of large tables. Use flashlights of different shapes and sizes to centerpiece plus interest, or square lanterns are combined with round.

Line wedding halls with paper lantern light fixtures. Paste heels on floor and using thread to hang paper lanterns illuminated. This may seem especially nice in a dark space and can be duplicated in a place outside reception. Lights can also be placed in wooden dowels or bamboo and pasted into large containers placed around venue.

Paper lantern light fixtures hanging from ceiling. To a great place, use multiple lines of lighted lamps go through another. For a small space, flashlights group of different sizes in center of ceiling for a striking look. Alternatively, a paper lantern can make a strong statement in itself.

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