Antique Cherry Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

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Natural Hand Scraped Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Recent years have seen a sharp rise in popularity hand scraped hardwood flooring. They can display different things from the other floors. Different appearance is found in old farmhouses, European castles and countryside estate. Initially, homeowners hire a skilled contractor who used a hand to actually do the work of scraping themselves and get to see.

How scraped hardwood flooring hand is made? The sharp rise in popularity hand scraped hardwood flooring has led manufacturers to re-create this antiqued look at their factories. A common method is applied to get this look is by using automated machines. Such as milled lumber, wood board surface skim and whole rows of depression is made in the surface of the wood. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, gouging and / or sanding wheel machine made vary in rotation, size and depth. Surface scrapping later upgraded using the staining and finishing.

However, there are many producers who prefer using the basic method of skilled workers. These craftsmen actually scrape the floor with his hands in the manufacturing location. The final step involves dyeing and finishing processes to improve product scratched. This method gives the appearance of the hand scraped hardwood flooring more natural.

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