Attach Paper Lanterns Lantern String Lights

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Lantern String Lights Style

Lantern string lights – Paper lanterns soften the light in the room, while giving a welcoming, decorative appearance. Attach paper lanterns to light garlands with the aid of the hooks already in place on the lantern, or by the installation of your own. Hang the whole scheme in a window so they can be seen from the outside of your house, or hang them outside in a patio or garden within reach of a power outlet.

Attach paper lantern string lights, Press the “S” hooks into the top of the lantern if it is not already hooks to hang with. Tie a piece of fishing line, about 10 centimeters long, with each hook, then tie the ends of each line together in a knot at the top. Thread an “S” hook on this button;. You will use this hook to hang the lantern string lights. Attach one end of the string lights on a tree, a window frame or another stationary object you view the lights again.

Fold a small portion of the lights and secure with rubber bands to create a line of string lights hanging down to the mainline. Attach the other end of the string lights to a tree or other stationary object. You now have sufficient light garlands with evenly spaced lines hanging down to accommodate all your lanterns. Hang the lantern string lights using the “S” hook and place the hanging line inside the lantern. The smaller line of lights will illuminate the lantern.

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