Bathroom Vanity Light

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Bathroom Vanity Light Sink


When hanging vanity lights in a bathroom, finding the best height is important so that your Bathroom Vanity Light appear practical, attractive and proportional to its surroundings. While there is no exact height standard for vanity lights, there are some simple steps you can follow to find the best time to vanity lights in your bathroom.

Most homes have Bathroom Vanity Light while vanity lights above the mirror are the most common; they are preferred vanity lights surrounding the mirror. This light option reduces shadows on your face because the light hits it from two directions. Vanity lights around the mirror fall in their level of rough eye, making sure you cannot see the light at that time. If you can, lift the machine a little until the bare bulb is not visible.

Heights Standard Bathroom Vanity Light or you have not yet purchased your mirror and is rough on your fixtures now  you can follow the standard height guidelines. For the above sink lights, lamps installed at about 85 centimeters above the floor. For lamps hung around a mirror, installing the equipment at about 6 meters above ground.

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