Carpet Stair Treads: The Current Decorating Trend

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Carpet Stair Treads Home

More or less unknown in world of decoration, carpet stair treads is back in fashion. I invite you to opt for originality and trendy look by installing a carpet in interior stairs of your home. Carpet offers a pleasant atmosphere inside house; especially when colors of carpet harmonize with walls.

Why carpet stair treads? stair carpet is a carpet to cover inside steps giving access to different floors of a house. There are many reasons that can incite us to install this type of carpet. A carpet allows such stifle all noises that may disturb when focus (heel noise, noise from falling objects …). stair carpet is also a guarantee of safety to extent that avoids unforeseen landslides, especially when steps are waxed and are slippery.

On other hand, carpet provides unprecedented comfort. When you raise or lower ladder, “coup” is muffled thanks to thick wool carpet. Climbing a ladder leaves become a heavy burden, especially for women. Aesthetic side also cannot forget when choosing a particular model.

Carpet stair treads can be of high quality wool, synthetic fabric, or other material. To purchase a rug ladder, you can go to a specialty store or a particular factory these home accessories. Once you’ve installed carpet (provided by professionals in decor), it’s time to learn to care for her. Well maintained, stair carpet can have a half-life of fifteen years. Never use a broom or brush to sweep, but rather a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

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