Clear Plastic Vases

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Clear Plastic Vases Blue

Clear plastic vases – A very common question that arises we when we are about to throw garbage. What can you do with a plastic bottle? There are many ideas for recycling, and today we will teach you a very original and useful. We will make a vase in which we can put small plants that only need water to survive, or your favorite flowers, wearing them on a shelf in the living room or the kitchen table.

Measures and get straight cuts, uniform and the same size all around of the bottle. Short segments in half and then clear plastic vases return them to cut in half to obtain uniform and thin strips. For this task, you will only need two elements. The plastic bottle, which can be of a soft drink, mineral water or which you have, and a pair of scissors. Nothing more.

What remains is to see the video below where we explain the procedure to make the vase, which as you can see clear plastic vases  in the attached picture is of a unique originality. It continues around the Central magnificent in this pattern until the last three and put each under the next until you finish knitting. Carefully pressed and folded

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