Cork Flooring: Acoustic, Thermal And Comfort!

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Cork Flooring Home

Cork flooring has been for many years in shadow of wood in use for coatings. We will try to show you great qualities of this modern and comfortable material. properties are many and varied, but all of them have special significance oak. From its trunk raw material from which sheets are made ​​is removed. Furthermore, this technique is not aggressive to environment, protects and cares.

Acoustic, thermal and comfort are key words that define cork flooring. It is a natural insulator that cuts sound waves of footsteps, and his great ability to absorb energy, walk it benefits your back. For radiant heating, there is no choice to keep heat for an hour after turning it off. Sure it is cork? yes, but with nuances. A soil as photography is applied a new technique: incorporating between two sheets of cork parquet. Thus we get a wood finish and benefits of this material.

Coated cork flooring your kitchen has one main advantage: shock absorption, characteristic of this material makes glasses or dishes do not break fall. In a home with children is very useful, do not you think? wide range of textures and colors has rejected idea of typical yellowish ground cork. new coating mimic all types of wood and even surfaces such as marble or stone.

Anyone can do job without much effort, just with adhesive or acrylic glue and a little patience. We must first clean surface where we will place sheets of cork, apply bonding adhesive and cover entire space with our new ground. Finally, let it dry and enjoy!

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