Creative Bathroom Towel Storage

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Bathroom Towel Storage Designs

Bathroom is often smallest room in house, which offers very little space for storage. Figuring out where to put your towels it can become a challenge. In addition to clothes closets and bathroom cabinets, you can create more storage space containers, hanging baskets and towels. Creative use of space can help maximize limited bathroom towel storage options.

Most households have at least one linen closet for bathroom towel storage. Add extra shelves and use floor space you can add linen closet is full. Fold towels with strength, and stack neatly to compact as much as possible. Depending on door of her linen closet, you can put towel bar and spend towels inside closet too.

Create extra space on walls or doors by installing bathroom towel storage bars or hooks. Riding towel bar directly on bathroom wall or on top of shower. Do not limit yourself to walls or bathroom doors however. You can install towel bars and hooks in kitchen in bedroom doors. Hang wet towels and reuse same towel for a few days or a week can help reduce amount of towels you need. Also, if you have a pool, you can buy a towel or source of large pool enclosure to leave larger or beach towels exterior size.

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