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Bed finials-.  The headboards, and avoid scratches and stains on the wall, are often the main decorative elements of the bedrooms. Although usually cover with quilted fabrics for a soft support surface, the wood is further possible to easily build headboards rigid option, complemented with matching cushions. By purchasing the board, calculate a measure slightly greater than the width of the bed (it is usual that the headboard measures 10 centimeters more than this).

Although it can reach the ground, in most cases it is better to opt for a headboard smaller (80 centimeters may be sufficient), which hangs on the wall sockets and plugs. Design bed finials proposed consists of a wooden board which is superimposed another plank grid (or other geometric pattern) that stands on the smooth background, bordered with moldings and tones combined in the appropriate colors Dorm Decor:

To make upholstered headboards, professional upholsterers use hollow wooden racks, which placed straps and fillers on those doing the upholstery. But this technique can be simplified using solid wood boards as media conglomerate, on which the foam sticks before covering with the fabric chosen. These model bed finials are one of the simplest, since it uses a rectangular wooden support on which the foam is glued before stapling upholstery. But changing the shape of the support, fabric or type of auction, you can create multiple variations.

Draw on the board lines delimiting the thickness of the moldings. Cut the foam sheet and glue on the defined area. Cut the moldings and cover with paint the desired shade. Once dry, and almost clean brush, apply a patina paint a tone combined with the previous one. To hide the staples and off the headboard, fix the moldings on the wooden board using nails. The different wood finishes (tint, varnish, paint, wax …) and decorative elements (fabrics, moldings, carvings and grids) allow devise and carry out numerous models of headboards available to any DIY enthusiast who Expect basic woodworking tools bed finials


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