Diy Lamp Finials Is Actually Simply, Isn't It?

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Antique Lamp Finials

Finials lamp can add a much needed touch to a lamp tired. Finials are a very visible decoration, as they sit just above lampshade. If you are a thrifty shopper, you can buy a lamp obsolete in garage sale or selling goods and easy to make your own effort to modernize old part. Finials simply twist top of lamp so it can also be changed seasonally. Using a bright, colorful bauble as an auction will also help to coordinate color of lamp with other colors in your home. Purchase lamp finials online or in-store home improvement. Usually you can find in section lighting store home improvement. Choose a base angle to match color of metal and its light texture.

Locate or buy small ornament or bauble he would use his fine effort. Some ideas include figurines of glass or metal, shells and Christmas ornaments with strings removed. Choose a decorative piece that is not greater than 3-by-3 inch. You do not want to dominate auction lamp. Place decorative piece on top of base of lamp finials using hot glue gun. Hold decorative piece firmly on metal base for at least 20 seconds. Screw complete finial at top of lamp harp.

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