Electric Towel Warmer

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Buy Electric Towel Warmer

Electric towel warmer are becoming increasingly hollow in the bathrooms of many people, but it really worth? We discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Nobody can deny that the electric towel warmer are perfect for warming our towels before giving us a take a bath or shower and also let pleasant temperatures in the bathroom. Electric towel warmer can be found in a thousand and one ways, more or less large. Although like everything in life, if you need a small home appliance you will more expensive than a large one ratio.

These heated towels, if well planned space, are perfect to save space because they are glued to the wall, they are flat and you can also put several towels on it. Besides electric towel warmer and keep them dry, you avoid having them something to change more often because catching smell damp, used to heat the bathroom and remove moisture.

You can adjust the temperature (on some models ranges between 45 ° and 60 ° and the heat they produce is dry. Most models have very low energy consumption and allow them lit 24 hours. Its consumption usually between 35W and 180W, so no need to worry about the electric bill.

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