Fiberglass Shower Stalls

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Fiberglass Shower Stalls Glow

Putty is used around areas such as toilets and showers fiberglass to keep moisture from seeping behind accessories and mold production. The putty is a thick cream that hardens into a rubbery substance after application. Over time, the putty begins to wither and needs replaced. Removing Fiberglass Shower Stalls involves certain tools and products to ensure complete removal of old putty before placing the new on top.

Dampen fiberglass shower stalls by rubbing with a damp cloth. Place a straight razor rule with fiberglass with putty. Working under the putty knife slowly scraping excess putty both Shower as possible without scratching the glass fiber.

Clean parts fiberglass shower stalls with a damp cloth. Remove the rags soaked in alcohol. Clean loose caulk with a damp cloth, and remove from the shower fiberglass.


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