Find Out 3 Secret Waterford Crystal Vases

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Glass Waterford Crystal Vases

Waterford crystal vases, Waterford’s name has been associated with glass, crystal and porcelain from 1783 and is as important now as it was then. He is known as a name that represents class and quality in each of its parts. product line includes Waterford Crystal – glasses, bowls, plates, porcelain vases – and dishes, serving utensils, table accessories and even bedding. Because of its popularity and quality control, Waterford has a long tradition of Waterford mark each piece with a seal for authentication. These seals are usually located at base of part and always have word “Waterford” integrated into design.

Learn three hallmarks of Waterford crystal vases before trying to identify your vase. These are hallmarks of Waterford authenticating etching glass. first seal is a Gothic design, about 1 inch long, with name “Waterford”. This label appears on most of Waterford crystal manufactured between 1950 and 1999.

A second type of seal may appear in “cuts” (slots) Waterford crystal pieces that have no basis, as chandeliers. This seal has name “Waterford” in script and is smaller than Gothic design. A third seal was introduced in 2000 to commemorate millennium and to keep counterfeiters from copying original seal. This final seal has name “Waterford” logo incorporated into a seahorse.

Although lead content of crystal gives greater weight it is not necessarily stronger than another vessel, and should be washed and handled with care. Advisable to wash each piece Waterford crystal vases with a mild soap and warm water. Waterford not recommended cleaning their glass pieces in dishwasher.

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