Finishing For Maple Hardwood Flooring

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Modern Maple Hardwood Flooring

Finishing For Maple Hardwood Flooring – Maple wood floors have a natural light color that many people want in their homes. People also use maple floors in sports gyms. Protect finished maple wood floors water damage and wear. Sealers make a good first layer during maple hardwood flooring finish, according to the Manufacturers Association maple floors. Clear sealers protect the wooden floor. People often sealants for wood are applied before applying a stain stained to help the stain follow more evenly avoid knag sap bleeding in the finish and prevent the edges of the wood from absorbing too much finish

Penetrating oil based stains penetrate the wood and dye maple hardwood flooring. Add some protection to the wood without creating a thick layer of finish on the wood surface. Some people use penetrating oil stains because they want the wood grain to show through a natural look. The Manufacturers Association recommends maple flooring surface oil-based finishes, with or without a dye, to protect gyms or maple floors with heavy traffic.

The Manufacturers Association recommends maple hardwood flooring water-based finishes for a protective surface layer which has fewer odors than oil-based finishes. People with sensitivity to odors often prefer to apply water-based finishes because they have less harsh fumes. Finished plastic made of polyurethane or acrylic adds the protection of the strongest surface, according to Utah State University. Usually they sit on the surface of the wood, providing less natural look penetrating oil stains.

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