How To Hang Lantern Candle Holders

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Wood Lantern Candle Holders

Lantern candle holders – Hurricane lantern candle holders can be used almost everywhere and come in many different sizes. Keep in mind that there is a hurricane candlesticks clean to stand on tables and those for hanging. The best kind to buy to hang, are those with a handle (like a glass lantern). This way you can hang your hurricane candle holder from everywhere even outside. Hanging holders is quite simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. When you have hung holder, you can enjoy its soft glow from where it is located.

To hang a lantern candle holders, Mark the ceiling with a pencil where you want to hang the candle holder. Place the anchor up to the selected site; hammer in the anchor. With the aid of an anchor will ensure that the light is hung safely and securely. If your light is light. Than you do not need an anchor. Screw a screw-in hook in the anchor until the hook is in the anchor up to its base.

Measure how low you want your candle to hang using tape measure. You can either buy your garden chain to the appropriate length, or you can simply remove excess chains. Hang the first chain on the hook. Push lantern candle holders. Use tongs to bring the seam together again. Place a light in your lantern candle holders to enjoy.

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