How To Hanging Japanese Lanterns

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Japanese Lanterns

Japanese lanterns have a long history. For thousands of years, Japanese paper balloons used large white or red candles to illuminate the interior of their homes, outdoor rooms and other spaces. In recent years, these lanterns have begun to appear in more color options and decorated with kanji characters, cherry or fish, allowing users to mix and match to create a unique environment. How to hanging Japanese lanterns?

Japanese lanterns hang around porches or indoors with small C-hooks. These hooks have an arm projecting from the bottom of the “C” that looks like a screw. They can have paper lanterns light weight easily. Mark where you want to put your hooks with pencil marks. Drilling in the center of each of its brands with a drill No. 6, creating a pilot hole. Thread the grooved end of a hook C into each hole until the “C” is flush with the wall, roof or porch post.

Cut a piece of nylon rope for each of their flashlights. They need not have the same length; You can hang them in random lengths to create an asymmetrical look or cut the strings to make diagonal lines of Japanese lanterns. Tie a nylon rope to the top rung of each flashlight. Tie a loop at the opposite end of the chain and slip each loop on his own hook.

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