How To Install A DIY Wire Closet Shelving Organizer

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Wire Closet Shelving Ideas

If your cupboard or pantry is a little messy, you can organize the space on a budget by installing a wire closet shelving organizer system. The shelves can be hung from a track bar or brackets have their own role in the system you have purchased. For a look can change as your needs change, install monitoring bars allow you to move around the shelves after they have been installed.

Decide where you want your wire closet shelving to go. Screw the anchor to the wall. Repeat with the second anchor provided. Hook wire rack anchors.  Use a level to make sure that the platform is straight and aligned. Draw a sketch of how your organizational system wire closet shelving placed inside your closet.

Use a tape measure to measure the wall of your closet to find the exact shelf. Place the second track the same shelf against the wall. Use a level to make sure the platform is straight and plumb. Use a level to make sure the top of the two tracks are level. Place a wire closet shelving in the stands of the two tracks. Use the level to ensure that the platform is straight and plumb.

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