How To Make Dual Wood Printer Stand

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Wood Printer Stand With Storage

How To Make Dual Wood Printer Stand – A dual printer stand is used to support two printers and printing supplies. There are three shelves two to hold the printer and one to hold the additional paper, ink cartridges and other accessories for printers. Supports double printer are either fixed or mobile.

To make dual wood printer stand, lay three panels 20 flat, parallel and spaced 12 inches. Place the gasket 48 inches perpendicularly on top of them for an edge is flush with the ends of the table 20 inches and so the ends of the table 48 inches are flush with the edges of the two outside 20 inch boards. Screw through the 48-inch board so three screws are each 20-inch board. Place the two 48 – inch boards on edge, parallel, so the tables are 20 inches between them and aligned.

Set sheets 24 – inch plywood on top of the boards 20 inches so that the edges are flush to make dual wood printers stand. Screw six screws through each sheet of plywood boards 20 inches. Drill two holes 1 inch through 48 – inch plywood. There should be a hole 2 inches above the bottom plate and the second, with each whole 10-inch away from the boards of 48 inches. These holes provide outlets for your fonts and printer cables.

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