How To Repair A Fiberglass Shower Pan

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Fiberglass Shower Pan Repair

Showers and fiberglass tubes are durable, easy to maintain and attractive part of the furniture, but can be accidentally damaged. First make sure your fiberglass shower pan because these instructions will not work if they are cast iron or other materials. Make sure your fiberglass shower pan tapping it with a wooden spoon. Clean the area to be repaired. Cut any jagged around the affected fiber and applies acetone that can facilitate repair product adhesion area.

If you need not jump to the next step. If the crack is so wide as half a centimeter or a hole, cut a piece of mesh slightly larger than the whole fiber. It measures the amount of polyester resin you will need. Most kits bring the proportions that you need in the instructions. Add food coloring.

Thickening material mixes with the mixture of resin and colorant. Hardener added following the kit instructions. Mix the repair material. SLEEPING the more material, the better the results. Be sure to fill all the holes and cracks. Sand the surface carefully. Do it when it is dry. Mix another batch of resin and dye to apply as a second layer. Do not add the thickener to repair a fiberglass shower pan.

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