Ideal Tips For Ruffled Shower Curtain

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Colorful Ruffled Shower Curtain

Ruffled shower curtain in traditional home decorations. They can create a casual and comfortable environment for room. Curtains are hung from fabric flaps together. This allows them to be easily installed in almost every auction. Adding a border can add dimension to treatment window. Sheet combination curtain and valance can be hung along with a small amount of planning. When hanging curtains and valances card, consider contrasting colors of fabric. Measure width of window and mark center. Measure length of curtain rods’ and mark center.

Measure size of head of ruffled shower curtain. Header is tissue found above rod pocket. Measure distance measuring headers ceiling molding (lining that covers joint between roof and wall) to curtain rod. This is maximum height of rod flange can be placed.

Valance rod mounted in a vertical position that is approximately 1 inch above curtain rod, but not exceeding maximum height measurement. exact location is a personal preference. Mount brackets in same way that supports rod.

Place tent on curtain rod and put rod in place. Hang valance rod and hang it in place. Note length ruffled shower curtain. If you hang near floor that you like, consider hemming bottom edge. Select desired final length.

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