Ideas For Themed Nursery Bookends

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Elephent Nursery Bookends

Nursery bookends – Choosing a theme for a child’s room can be a challenge for the soon -to-be parents. Although a lot of common themes exist, such as fairy tales or nursery rhymes, part of the challenge is to come up with an original theme, perhaps one that represents the life of the newborn is about to begin. In that light, there can be no more appropriate theme for a nursery than “traveling”.

Life is the legendary journey of a thousand miles beginning with your child’s first steps. With the right choice of visual elements, your nursery bookends embody this trip. Start by painting a colorful mural on the wall, showing a long, winding road split in two on the horizon. Include a small guest on her life journey; her footsteps drag her along the way. Have a little shoe bronzed and made bookends for her child books, nursery rhymes and soon-to-be favorite stories. Look for wallpaper borders with shoes or travelers on it. Scout out throw rugs that either have footprints on them, or are shaped like feet.

For parents who know that they will be having a little boy, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is ripe with the journey symbols, such as the river. To bring this design to life in your child’s room, look for a mobile adorned with comic fish and fishermen in Dr. Seuss-style colors. Echo colors and river theme in blankets. Make a photo quilt and curtains with Huck and his companion Jim them by transferring illustrations of the story from antique children’s books. has a doll maker created stylized Huck and Jim dolls; place them on their own river raft on the nursery bookends. Finally, the letter quotes from the book along the wall.

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