Ideas Painted Concrete Floors

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Classic Painted Concrete Floors

Painted concrete floors – Painting concrete floors is an affordable upgrade for the home that can give an interesting look to a room in a few days. Compared to install hardwood floors, tile or carpet, paint a floor cement can be done for a fraction of the cost and requires less work . With the right preparation before painting cement followed by careful application of all materials, an ordinary concrete floor can become an element of design to complement any room.

Painted concrete floors clean the concrete surface. Clean any substance or material that is glued to the floor with the spatula and sweeps the floor completely. The web site home improvement recommended to remove any oil or grease applying cement litter and stiff brush to rub the area with trisodium phosphate (TSP). Rinse the floor and let it dry for several days.2

Painted concrete floors, repair cracks or holes or patching concrete using hydraulic cement. Use the brush to apply the adhesive into the crack or hole before applying the patch mix concrete in the area, according to Dixieline ProBuild. Use a metal spatula to smooth the concrete patch and let dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Paste the tape to paint bases around the perimeter of the room to protect from primary painting, paint and sealer. Primary paint applied cement. Ask a professional in a tent by the type suitable for use on concrete floors. Use the roller to apply paint to the entire surface and allow to dry for the time specified by the manufacturer.

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