Improves Your Exterior Home With Beautiful Pineapple Finial

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Antique Pineapple Finial

Pineapple finial interior post jewels adorn most often at top end of a staircase posts, both at base and top of staircase. Wood designs ranging from decorative pineapple, which means “welcome” to smooth globes. Or finishing pineapple finial to match wood stair rails, or accentuate them with a different color of stain or paint. To decorate your staircase for maximum impact, incorporate a richly carved finial, tinted in a darker shade than rest of wooden railing. You can also paint a wooden jewel globe with acrylic to look like a colorful mosaic or a landscape scene.

Decorate external units with pineapple finial to improve your outdoor space. Pinecones carved wooden birds, butterflies and other garden related themes integrate naturally with outside space. Exterior wooden finials are often made from redwood and cedar so they can withstand elements. Metal ends are most often used on top of lampposts and metal garden fences. Elaborate wrought-iron fittings with swirls and scrolls fit with more formal styles of gardens and grounds. Less complex designs to include a metallic jewel arrows, globes and elongated mounds. Another popular choice for metal is copper fittings. Copper finials are available in a variety of models to fit any style outside. Place copper finials on top of a wind vane, a lamppost, and fence garden or outside wooden banisters.

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