Install A Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

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Stylish Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

Self adhesive vinyl floor tiles – self adhesive vinyl floor tiles easy to care for looks attractive and is easy to repair. The adhesive stick needs a clean smooth surface to meet, but the speed of installation more than makes up for the extra preparation time required soil. Although not as permanent as ceramic adhesive vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl, if you save a package return of the original tiles are easy to replace.

Install a self adhesive vinyl floor tiles, Remove all molding around the edges of the room. Pull up any old floor and scrape the floor clean. If the soil is soft measure and estimate the number of tiles needed. Buy an additional package for further repairs. If the soil is not suitable for direct placement of the tiles, covered with sheets of plywood. Cover the ground with the base sheet of plywood floor. Set underpayment nails leaves with 1-1 / 4 inches. Stagger joints so they do not line up exactly. Use a spatula to six inches wide spread a layer of fat compound. Sand the seams with an orbital sander.

Trim the edges of the openings of the door so there is room to slide the tiles under the edges of the door frame. Check the floor of the room diagonally from corner to corner with a chalk line. Begin in one corner, peel and apply a tile one at a time, in a building step pattern row by row. Finish one quadrant at a time. Place a tile against the wall and on the gap. Check the loose tiles along the edge of the last tile-laid with the square. Cut the tile with tile cutter, peel the paper away and put in place. Repeat with each partial space along the last contest self adhesive vinyl floor tiles. Mark strange shapes and corners and cut the notches with a box cutter. Reinstall the shoe molding or baseboards.

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