Lantern Floor Lamp Decorative Effect

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Lantern Floor Lamp Attractive

Lantern floor lamp – hanging lanterns, use lamps or lamp type flashlight in narrow spaces such as lobbies and high stairs where a lamp near the ceiling does not look good and enlightening. The minimum height to which should be a flashlight floor is 2.2 meters, so that people can walk underneath. Put the lamp in the center of the narrow direction of the place. If you have a large window near, position it so it looks centered from the outside. The design can be very variable, may have different colors and more than a light bulb, the same socket as standard socket reduced.

Hanging displays, use lamps screen when you want to focus the light in a particular space, such as a small table, counter, or an area close working. If the screen is translucent, such as glass or plastic, they further give a good indirect lighting. The metal screen focuses more light into an area. Lantern floor lamp can be hung in two ways, through a chain of bronze, brass or simulates, with transparent braided cable between the links, or using a long, thin tubular member having the cord inside.

The screen upward is excellent for a non-glare diffuse illumination can have an important decorative effect and which are relatively little height. Its main drawback is that collect a lot of dirt on the inside, but they are easy to clean. The color of the light bulb standing on lamps affects the mood of the local and can modify the color tone of things inside. The lights yellowish or reddish hue are considered “warm”, while the “cold” bluish. Lantern floor lamp and incandescent bulbs produce a warm light while many give a cold fluorescent lighting.

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