Latest Touchless Faucet

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2017 Touchless Faucet

Do you know latest trend of touchless faucet for bathroom? It seems a technological miracle: Put your hand under the spout and water starts flowing like magic. But its inner workings are based on technologies that have existed for decades, cleverly adapted to a tap wrench. Contactless taps, also known as automatic faucets, have four main components: sensors, solenoid controlled valves, motor and pipe.

The sensor in a touchless faucet is usually located in the lip or the supplier base.  By removing the hands, the sensor tells the tap off. Most sensors use a small faucets mounted infrared light with an infrared detector. When your hands come a few centimeters from the lips of the nozzle, the infrared light bounces off your skin to the detector, which sends a signal that activates the faucet valve. Some models of faucets use ultrasonic field sensor that turns on the faucet valve when his hands disturb the field.

Touchless faucet spouts, containing all working parts are made of zinc in the cheaper models, while high-end models are made of brass. They can be nickel or chrome plated for durability and appearance. The nozzles can be machined, cast or sand cast.

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