Lovely Shell Wreath For Wonderful Home

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Shell Wreath In Pink And White

Shell wreath represent some of the works of art emerging from the depths of the oceans of the world, and for lovers of the sea, these creatures offer viable options for wall or door decor options. If you have collected actual sea you want to hang on your walls some shell, there are several methods you can use to perform this task. Depending on your goals for decoration, you can create some traditional artistic media using shell, as well as some works that are decidedly more decorative in scope.

Shell is a beautiful reminder of the warm months spent on the beach. You can find real sea shell   that dries to decorate with shell or artificial it looks like the real thing. There are many varieties of shell that can be found to add a delicate look to any decor. There are many simple ideas shell wreath to bring and decorate your home in beach theme.

To make a shell wreath, select shells having a hole or drill a small hole. Pass florist wire through the holes and tie a knot around each shell. Make six to eight strings of shells and tie them to either a wire hanger or stick. To make a garland of summer, shells tie a long piece of string and Swag that over a window.

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