Making Bathroom Mirror Frames

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Bathroom Mirror Frames Design

Bathroom mirror frames and simple are common in many modern homes or condominiums or economic apartments. A basic solution, because it complies with the purpose of providing the mirror, but no style.  Unscrew the clips holding the mirror to the wall. Often these clips are only precautionary and mirrors are glued to the wall. Carefully checked to see if the mirror is attached to the wall. If not, place a bit of construction adhesive behind the mirror and press it tightly against the wall to accede.

Remove the clips and screws the following day and clean the mirror. Use a tape measure and measure the length and width of the mirror. The pieces of your frame will be fixed to the glass mirror and measuring the outer edge of the mirror face. Purchase decorative molding shop home products. The molding should be at least 4 inch wide to complement an average bathroom mirror frames. A very thin molding will be disproportionate.

Buy four decorative finials to go in the corners of the bathroom mirror frames. You’ll be doing your straight cuts to trim parts “cover” and join the molding around the mirror connections, avoiding the need to make the corners fit perfectly. Measure the length of your mirror again.

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