Making Stained Concrete Floor For Your Home

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Decor Stained Concrete Floor

Stained concrete floor can be discouraging when you look at them day after day, but there is a reasonable solution to increase the visual appeal of the floor. By making concrete floors like tile, you can give a room or patio area a whole new look. With a little patience and a steady hand, your concrete floor give the appearance of a brand new tiling of time the weekend is over.

Ensure that the stained concrete floor is completely clean. For badly stained concrete floors, apply a heavy duty concrete degreaser and stripper with a paint roller to help remove contaminants that may interfere with decoration of the concrete. Allow degreasing agent to remain on the floor in two to three minutes, but did not allow drying. Scrub the floor with a stiff brush to loosen and remove embedded particles and rinse the floor thoroughly until there are no remaining signs of degreaser on concrete. Allow the concrete to dry for at least six hours before continuing.

Determine the pattern of your tiles on the stained concrete floor. Typical patterns include running bond, herringbone, and jack on jack, basket weaving or random design. Hold 3/4-inch blue masking tape on the floor to create the design you want – floor under the masking tape will form the joints between the tiles.

Stained concrete floor on the tiles by means of a sea sponge. Alternate how to keep sea sponge by turning so that it will change the design left on the floor. Begin at the edge of the tile where the color should be the deepest and work toward the center of the tile for the most realistic look. Wad up a piece of cheese cloth and dab of icing to soften the effect. Allow the glaze to dry for at least two hours.

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