Pedestal Tub Ideas

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Beautiful Pedestal Tub

If you’re trying to figure out how to clean the bathtub, or want to replace it with the same material, it is necessary to know what is done. The pedestal tub is made ​​of a variety of materials. The three most common are acrylic, porcelain and steel enamel. Acrylic requires care special. You can not clean with harsh chemicals products or pads. On the other hand, the enameled steel is tough and durable. Its surface is resistant to most products of cleaning.

Search splinters on the outside deck. Steel enamel bathtubs are durable, but can chip, especially if something hard and heavy as a key dropped on them. The color under the splintered is black if the pedestal tub is made of steel. If chipping in a steel tub is old, there may be rust around it. If the splintered zone having a fibrous appearance, the material can be acrylic or fiberglass.

Search rips in the surface of the bath, especially on the floor and on the inner sides, the two areas you use most. If there are many scratches, acrylic pedestal tub can be. If the finish is colorless, is another indication that it is probably made of acrylic. Porcelain bathtubs are also scratch, but those marks are gray.

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