Popular Sliding Closet Doors

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Contemporary Sliding Closet Doors

Bathroom with sliding closet doors with mirror became very popular in 80s, but it was a fad that ceased to have followers. Now that becomes retro, they are gaining strength again and started them in home designs with style. Today’s article has 10 closets with mirror sliding doors so you can see different models and you get an idea of ​​how it could be in your room.

What I like most of these cabinets is that mirror is huge, we may be whole body, something that for me has become essential, especially when I buy new clothes or I get something from long ago. In addition, mirror sliding closet doors are perfect option for decorating small bathroom, because it makes them look bigger, naturally illuminated by reflecting light and gives a very nice shine.

Funny how people often think that mirrored sliding doors are dated, especially seeing photos above. Yes it is true that many of these cabinets are very classic lines, with ornaments and wood carvings, but no need to generalize.

I do not think bathroom with sliding closet doors mirrored doors are only for modern rooms. Electric space incorporates following image perfectly mirrored doors, thanks to frame painted white, which shows brightest features of room.

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