Refurbishing Lantern Pendant Light

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Rustic Lantern Pendant Light

Lantern pendant light – Hanging lamps are excellent for providing task lighting or shining a light on a particular area such as the Kitchen Island or dining table. Sometimes a lamp seem outdated or not suited to the space and decor. Rather than ripping out the lights to hang something new, you can create a shadow to breathe new life into your existing lamp. Using paper lanterns and handmade feather lantern pendant light gives a soft, feminine makeover.

To refurbishing lantern pendant light, Measure the diameter of the existing lamp. Also check to see if it has a detachable hood. If so, remove the existing lamp. Take your measurements with you to buy your Chinese paper lantern. Roll wax paper on a flat, smooth work surface. With the aid of a marker, trace spring shapes on the waxed paper. Make about 75 springs for a large paper lantern.

Roll the colored tissue paper on the flat, smooth work surface. Use springs one of the greaseproof papers as a stencil in order to detect the spring shape on the tissue paper. Open the Chinese paper lantern. Cut thin strips of shiny packaging tape approximately 1 cm longer than the width of the springs. Pressure on the ends of the tape strips to the edge of the work table for easy access refurbishing lantern pendant light.

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