Repairing Bifold Closet Doors

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Bifold Closet Doors Lowes

If those bifold closet doors has his closet door swings or just get stuck, it is likely to be due to a faulty or loose axis of rotation. There is a way to repair the door, but requires a little time. Remove the door track and lifting the panel slides out. Remove the pivot pin hole. You may need pliers to do this. Obtain a wooden dowel and drilling the pivot hole in the bifold closet doors with the diameter of the rod. Place glue in the hole and insert the plug. Let dry.

Once a plug cut out of the dry door height. Now you have a door without opening pivot pin. Make a new hole to fix the pivot pin. You may have to get a new pin if damaged. Align the door, lifting and replacement instead. Cracked door panel. Lift and remove the door from the tracks. Remove the broken door hardware, freeing it from the hinges.

Measure twice broken section and buy a similar fold with accurate measurements in the hardware store or building. Painting or door finishes matching existing. Measure the location of the screw holes to attach the hardware. Pre-drill these locations. Reconnect the hardware and reinstall the bifold closet doors.

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