Romantic Interior Home With Floor Candle Holders

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Decorative Floor Candle Holders

Floor candle holders are great attention grabbers but crystal chandeliers or glass or hurricanes are translucent and adapted to the different parties and decorations. Place one in the center of the mantel as a focal point or line of the whole platform with a collection for the glare.

Despite long-stemmed floor candle holders glass hurricanes are primarily designed to display candles, beakers offer many more decorative opportunities. Removing candle and filled with classic accent piece adds color and texture to a layer of the fireplace, the dining table or a small table. Accessories out around the chandelier hurricane center complete table or an attractive still life screen.

Add sparkle and seasonal cheer to the house, filling the hurricane candle holders extra ornaments and small decorations novelty. On Halloween, full of cheap plastic spider’s orange and black stand adds interest to a display of gourds and miniature pumpkins.

Arrange a theme party with floor candle holders to create small areas of interest around the site of the party. At the birthday party of a child, holders filled with colorful candies wrapped gum and become a pleasant surprise for guests. Party poppers, noisemakers and small bottles of bubbles placed in the chandeliers become simple and useful accessories for the party.

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