Split Level Floor Plans Home Designs

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Split Level Floor Plans With Walk Out

Split level floor plans brought home both unique opportunities and unique challenges. The first step in evaluating the opportunities and challenges are split-level understanding of the type you are planning to renovate.

There are essentially type split level floor plans: Split Foyer or Bi-Level consists of two levels, with the inclusion of the mid-level between the two floors. A short flight of stairs (normally 4-8) ride and another short flight of stairs down, if the lower level of the house was built parallel to the ground, there will be stairs to the entrance. The lower level may be at least partially below ground level.

Then the second of split level floor plans is the level of Split. This type has three or four levels and two or three short sets of stairs. The entrance is usually on the middle level and opens directly into the formal living room. Then stacked split level, the kind that has five or more stacked levels with four or five short sets of stairs. Entry is on the middle floor, usually open to the foyer with stairs going up and down. This name comes from the fact that the additional bedrooms are stacked on top of a second living room.

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