Step Painted Wood Floors

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DIY Painted Wood Floors

Painted wood floors – If your wood floors were covered with stains and scratches you can then decide to paint over it rather that tearing or cover the carpet. If your wooden floor in perfect condition to very carefully think about, really you want to paint over it if you, because if you change your mind it will require a lot of hard work tablecloth. Steps to painting your hard floors

First, sand and clean, your floor should be sanded to eliminate the rough parts. It also provides a good floor cleaner to remove dirt, dust, hair ETC if you do not get into your color. Second, Floor Repair If you want your floor to look their best, fill the gap between plates fill any holes with wood filler and also be sure to remove the nails that may be sticking to. Third, use a roller or brush to apply primer to the painted wood floors. If you paint the floor a dark color then you might want to use tinted primer.

Fourth, Cat Wood, you should ensure that the primer is completely dry before you even think about how to carry out each coating based on oil. You will also need to let each coat dry before applying the next layer. fifth, polyurethane, now that you have used two coats of paint then you need to use at least three layers of polyurethane to ensure that the steps taken by the painted wood floors remains in good condition. Back in the 17th century luxury decorative parquet floor is installed, but it is very expensive for most people to become paintings floor next best thing.

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