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Former Cub Andres Blanco

By bullpenbrian - August 22, 2010 - 1:01 am Leave a comment.

Andres Blanco is making a go of it with Texas this year.

Since being acquired by the Rangers in March, the 26-year-old made his first Opening Day roster and has filled in primarily as a utility infielder for the first place Rangers.

Blanco’s biggest contribution is his glove. He’s shown terrific range up the middle despite committing 6 errors in 30 games started at three different positions: 2B, 3B & SS.

It’s his lack of offense, however, that continues to hamper his opportunity to become an everyday starter. Through 48 games he’s batting .238 with eight runs scored and six RBI.

The Cubs had little choice but to move Blanco this spring. Not only was he out of minor league options, but he also faced the much anticipated debut of Starlin Castro.

The move made sense at the time, but given the Cubs’ current state, a starting lineup filled with big league prospects, it would’ve been interesting to watch Blanco in a starting role during the final two months on the North Side.

To that, however, we’ll never know.


No Fontenot No Problem?

By bullpenbrian - March 17, 2010 - 12:15 am Leave a comment.

Lou’s tagged Mike Fontenot as his starting 2B, which comes as no surprise.

But where do the Cubs turn if Fontenot craps the bed again?

Most likely Jeff Baker who’s defense is on par with Fontenot’s, but he’s far less the hitter.

I wouldn’t mind, however, seeing Andres Blanco get a shot. Everyone knows the guy doesn’t hit, but he’s a Gold Glove fielder.

Given the Cubs’ bullpen situation, preventing a run may be more important than driving one in, and Blanco does that better than Fontenot and Baker combined.


Cubs Just As Bad Online

By bullpenbrian - September 7, 2009 - 12:36 am Leave a comment.


Did myself a huge favor Saturday afternoon.

I followed the Cubs online instead of viewing the game on television.

I figured this way I wouldn’t be as susceptible to the frustrations that stem from watching an offense that stinks to the high heavens.

As intended, the move worked in my favor with the Cubs going hitless, once again, with RISP (0-for-9).


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