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North Side & South Side Players

By bullpenbrian - December 29, 2012 - 11:35 pm Leave a comment.

Here’s a list of 10 noticeable players who have suited up for both the Cubs and the White Sox during their playing careers.

Ron Santo, Sammy Sosa, Steve Stone, Goose Gossage, Juan Pierre, George Bell, Kosuke Fukudome, Neal Cotts, Lance Johnson & Darrin Jackson.

Tony Campana nearly joined the list last summer, but the Cubs declined a White Sox’s trade proposal for the scrappy speedster.

Ron Santo, however, wrapped up his 15-year career on the South Side in 1974. He spent the majority of the season as the DH hitting .221, 5 HR, 41 RBI–the lowest totals of his entire career.

Santo’s move south was actually part of a trade that brought Steve Stone to the Cubs in December of 1973. Stone spent three rather mediocre seasons on the North Side compiling a (23-20, 4.04) record before rejoining the White Sox for 1977-78, where he won 27-games total during the following two seasons.

Ten years later the Rangers traded Sammy Sosa to the White Sox in July of 1989. He played another two seasons for the White Sox hitting .227, 28 HR, 113 RBI all totaled before being shipped to the North Side for George Bell in March of 1992.

Sosa was 23 when he arrived with the Cubs and of course went on to hit 545 home runs with the club to become the franchise’s all-time homerun leader.


July 4th Trades

By bullpenbrian - July 5, 2010 - 1:00 am Leave a comment.

Jeff Shaw was a two-time All Star and one of my favorite players growing up.

The right-hander was a brilliant setup man with Cincinnati, positioning Jeff Brantley for 44 saves and the 1996 Rolaids Relief Man Award.

The following season, however, Brantley got injured and Shaw moved into the closer’s role. He closed out 42 games and also won the league’s saves title.

But less than a year later the Reds traded Shaw on July 4, 1998 to the Dodgers. In return, the Reds acquired left-hander Dennys Reyes and a no-name 22-year-old first baseman.


A Lilly No No

By bullpenbrian - June 14, 2010 - 1:00 am Leave a comment.

Damn, I wanted Lilly to get the no-hitter!

Not just because it was the White Sox, but because I fear Lilly could be dealt come July.

And whether Cubs fans want to recognize it or not, Lilly’s the true ace of this staff. To trade him would be a mistake.

But there’s no way the Cubs deal Lilly without backlash if he no-hits the cross-town rival.

A no-no might have been the only thing to make up for a season of virtually zero support from his mates, too.

Instead, it’s a 1-0 win to go along with his second win of the season…a far cry from where his win total should be.

Maybe if the guy gets a little run support he relaxes to close out the final three batters. But as usual, the lineup left him hanging…and not just with the game on the line, either. No, not even with its best hurler on the mound, throwing a no-hitter, can the Cubs score runs.

Then there’s Juan Pierre, a man who just loves torching the Cubs. First with Florida, then the 2006 season, and now this, breaking up Lilly’s no-hit bid in the ninth…c’mon man!

Chad Tracy’s backhanded snag at third wasn’t exactly the DeWayne Wise catch in the Buehrle Game, but would’ve been the defensive gem remembered if Lilly throws the no-hitter.

Can’t believe Lou leaves Lilly in the game after Pierre’s single. Marmol almost blew it, which would have been so Cubs.


The BP Crosstown Cup – How Sad

By bullpenbrian - April 28, 2010 - 12:30 am 1 comment.

The BP Crosstown Cup…are you kidding me?

As if we don’t get too geeked-up for Cubs vs. Sox series already. But just to make sure…now presenting the BS Cup. C’mon.

What a slap in the face for Chicago baseball fans…as if a meaningless cup means anything to us…or the players.

Leave this crap for Bush League baseball…where it belongs…and where it’s appropriate.

For heaven’s sake, this city supports TWO Major League clubs…and passionately follows the crosstown rival series.

And now we need a trophy to excite us about playing the South Siders. Please.

The only cup I’m drinking from is Lord Stanley’s…and neither baseball club can quench that thirst.

What a joke…and what a way to damper the Cubs four-game winning streak.


Cubs Want Jermaine Dye

By bullpenbrian - January 21, 2010 - 1:00 am 2 comments.

Jermaine Dye is undervalued throughout baseball, even on the South Side.

Of course, White Sox fan doesn’t want to hear that, but Dye’s never received the acknowledgment of a Konerko, Thome or Buehrle.

If the Cubs are smart, however, they’ll value Dye this offseason. And if Dye is smart, he’ll commute to the North Side.


Andruw Jones A South Sider

By bullpenbrian - November 27, 2009 - 12:15 am Leave a comment.

Thanksgiving leftovers: good.

Andruw Jones leftovers: not so much.

Listen, I love the job Kenny Williams does on the South Side. He’s one of the top general managers in the game. He’s a mover, a shaker and a risk taker…all to be appreciated for.

But adding Andruw Jones to the Sox lineup? Seriously, Kenny. C’mon!


Piniella Calling Out Cubs

By bullpenbrian - June 29, 2009 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

cubsWhite Sox

Lou is finally taking a hard stand.

The skipper was quick to point out the in the post game press conference that his team is playing poorly, period.

Despite the Cubs sub .500 record this season, we haven’t heard Lou get this critical publicly about his players all year.

I think the tough love is long overdue, but at least Lou is saying something other than “what can I do?”

Obviously, Chicago needs a fire lit under their rear ends, and it’s Lou’s responsibility to light the torch.


Lou vs. Milton Bradley

By bullpenbrian - June 28, 2009 - 1:00 am Leave a comment.

cubsWhite Sox

Many moons ago I made a prediction.

I said Milton Bradley would keep the Cubs from winning a World Championship this season.

Through the first three months Bradley has held up his end of the deal.

His lack of hitting has gone hand-in-hand with his lack of professionalism. His blame-game is in full swing, and worse, he’s quickly dividing the Cubs’ clubhouse.

When teammates rip one another publicly, it’s a sure fire sign the team’s chemistry is off the mark (yes, I believe in clubhouse chemistry).

Thank Bradley for igniting the recent press barbs, and thank his teammates for leaking them out from behind the sacred walls of the clubhouse!


Only the W Matters

By bullpenbrian - June 27, 2009 - 1:42 am Leave a comment.

cubsWhite Sox

Friday should be all about the W.

What it’s not about is Bradley’s fit throwing, Soto’s pot smoking or the Cubs’ lack of clutch hitting.

For one game the Cubs managed enough runs to break a four-game losing streak, return to the .500 marker, and defeat its cross-town rivals.

And that’s the best news in the last week.

With all the negative energy surrounding the Cubs, a simple 5-4 win is a huge relief. For the time being, the extra curricular activities don’t matter.


Return Of The Big Blue Train?

By bullpenbrian - June 18, 2009 - 10:27 pm Leave a comment.

White Soxcubs

Not exactly the Big Blue Train, but close enough.

Andres Blanco’s sac bunt in the ninth was huge.

If Blanco fails to move Reed Johnson from first to second, who knows if the Cubs win the game?

No idea why Matt Thornton chose to throw Soriano a fastball over a breaking ball low and away—a pitch that seems to get Sori every time.

Zambrano found the perfect balance between energy and control. If Z can duplicate his emotions from this outing he’ll be an 18-game winner.


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