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Wild Thing & 100 Cub Losses

By bullpenbrian - July 26, 2011 - 1:15 am 2 comments.

The numbers don’t lie. The Cubs are practically sprinting towards a dismal 90-loss season, even on the heels of its first three game winning streak. And assuming the Cubs become sellers later this week, a 100-loss campaign seems even more likely.

The Cubs (42-60) have 60 remaining games.
Through the first 60 games: (24-36)
Through the last 60 games: (23-37)
On Pace for: (66-96)

The Cubs have spent just a single day above .500–Wed April 20th.
They’ve been shutout six times.
Are (8-18) in blowout games (5+ runs).
And (13-17) in 1-R games.

-Home (25-31)
-Road (17-29)

-Inter-League (5-10)

-April – (12-14)
-May – (11-16)
-June – (11-18)
-July – (8-12)

-First half – (37-55)
-Second half – (5-5)

(1-5) vs. St. Louis
(2-6) vs. Cincinnati
(3-6) vs. Pittsburgh
(4-3) vs. Milwaukee
(5-4) vs. Houston



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