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Fundamentals, Waveland & Waivers

By bullpenbrian - August 24, 2011 - 1:57 am Leave a comment.

Since Mike Quade took over the Cubs last August he’s (80-86) .481.

Quite honestly, the record isn’t all that bad. But it’s the way the Cubs are losing that’s the problem.


Cubs And The Bunny Hutch

By bullpenbrian - August 16, 2011 - 2:47 am Leave a comment.

Go Cubs Go

When I first heard of the ‘Bunny Hutch’ I thought what a great place for a bachelor party!

Turns out it’s not that kind of Bunny Hutch, but a rather family oriented place of batting cages and miniature golf. Still not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon.

I took a couple rounds of BP from both side of the plate then shot eight-over par for the course. Finished the day off with some Lou Malnati’s–deep dish pepperoni. Yum!


I was home in time to catch Big Z’s exclusive interview on Comcast SportsNet. Wasn’t much to it. Zambrano apologized, denied throwing at Chipper Jones and stated he wants to remain a Chicago Cub. Blah, blah, blah

Carlos likely followed the script of his agent making his apology less sincere than usual. But it’s all too little, too late.

Zambrano might recover some of his pay that the Cubs are withholding, but there’s no undoing Friday night.

The guy’s gotta go…don’t know where, don’t care how. But he simply can’t return to the Cubs.


Would you believe the Cubs have the second best record in baseball since July 31? They’re (12-3) with only Philly and Milwaukee playing better.

Go back to the All Star break and the Cubs are (17-13). And if they win one more game in Houston this week that’ll be five straight series victories.

As I’ve said before, with the pressure off the Cubs perform as we expected. But what does it say for Quade that his guys don’t play up to standard when they’re still in the hunt?


Dan Uggla

The Cubs ended Uggls’s terrific hitting streak  at 33-games Sunday afternoon. Here’s a quick wrap of his streak.

-The streak marked the longest in the majors this year.
-It’s the second longest in Atlanta’s franchise history–Tommy Holmes (37).
-It started on July 5th and lasted five weeks.
-He batted .377 during the march (49-for-130).
-11 were multi-hit games, with 9 infield hits.
-That also including 5 doubles, 15 HR & 32 RBI.
-His 15 HR ties the MLB record during a streak–DiMaggio, McCovey, A-Rod.


Cubs Fishing For Dan Uggla

By bullpenbrian - January 18, 2010 - 1:15 am 1 comment.

I can’t hide my bro-mance for Karl Ravech and Buster Olney. Love’em together on Baseball Tonight!

According to Buster, the Marlins are set to begin its season with Dan Uggla at second base, although, a later trade is not out of the question.

Uggla filed for arbitration on Friday. He did the same last year and won the case $5.3 million vs. Florida’s $4.4 million offer.

Odds look good he’ll win again this year, too. And if he does, it’s to the tune of around $8 million — the far upper crust for Florida’s budget.

This would open the trade door for the Cubs, its chance to snag a 29-year-old All Star who’s averaged 32 HR and 95 RBI during his four years.

You won’t get that out of Mike Fontenot, Jeff Baker and Bobby Scales combined.


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