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Zambrano Is No Rick James

By bullpenbrian - September 10, 2009 - 12:52 am Leave a comment.


Carlos Zambrano is a tired act.

His immaturity, defensiveness and pure laziness grew old years ago, and it’s still at its peak this season.

The man needs checked, the way Charlie Murphy checked Rick James (played by Dave Chappelle) on the Chappelle Show.

Give Zambrano an inch, and the Cubs have allowed much more, and his ego will walk all over you: a common, but inexcusable, problem with many pro athletes these days, nonetheless.

If the Cubs, however, would just check Zambrano it’s possible he matures into the dominating pitcher he should be.

The checking, namely holding Carlos responsible for his childish behavior, starts with Lou and finishes with Hendry.


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