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MLB 2K10 Review

By bullpenbrian - March 12, 2010 - 1:07 am Leave a comment.

MLB 2K10 is passable, but still lagging behind EA Sports MVP series from five years ago.

A clumsy dashboard and tedious hitting and pitching controls take away from the game’s superior graphics and realistic game-feel.

It’s basically the equivalent of a shortstop who’s capable of making the highlight-reel throw, but struggles to field the most routine ground ball.

2K Sports is simply trying too hard. And while I appreciate the effort, it’s not the glamorous additions that I’m looking for.

Just give us a game with simple navigation, great graphics and smooth online compatibility. Forget the bells and whistles around pitching and hitting controls and deliver, once and for all, a baseball sim free of bugs and hang-ups.

Until then, which it’s already been five years in the waiting, 2K’s MLB series remains in Triple-A code. A Cubs cry of ‘Wait til next year’ singing its final praises.


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