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Adrian Beltre This Year’s Edgar Renteria

By bullpenbrian - October 27, 2011 - 2:01 am Leave a comment.

Adrian Beltre has become this October’s version of Edgar Renteria–an accomplished veteran making the most of the postseason.


Freak Show In San Francisco

By bullpenbrian - November 2, 2010 - 11:30 am 2 comments.

This wasn’t the World Series I was looking for six days ago. The two teams I  wanted were there, but the five-game series was largely dominated by San Fran.

Other than the Giants’ brilliant starting pitching, neither side played well. There was a lack of drama and the big-ticket pitching match-ups never fully materialized. Just wasn’t a very memorable Fall Classic, unfortunately.

I still believe having two teams that were not expected to be league champions is good for baseball, despite the low TV ratings.  A competitive six or seven game series would have been better, of course, better  for the fans, and yes, better for television. But for me, this series was still better than watching New York vs. Philly.

Lots of praise was heaped on Cliff Lee, and rightfully so, but Tim Lincecum  reminded us he’s an ace, too. Lee loss both his starts. ‘The Freak’ won both of his. I think most fans, including myself, thought Lee would nab at  least one victory. Lincecum’s performances, however, was the deciding factor in the series.

Tim Kirkjian said it best about the Giants: “They’re not always pretty to watch, but they win.” Curt Schilling said on ESPN that he believes “the best team always wins.” For certain, the Giants had the better pitching, and better pitching usually wins.

Looking back, I think the Giants would have toppled either New York or Tampa Bay. The Yankees pitching is on par with Texas, and the Rays’ lineup is sub-par to Texas–not that such speculation really matters.

You could see Edgar Renteria’s three-run homer coming from a mile away. Lee was looking tired having allowed back-to-back singles to Ross and Uribe, which marked the first time a Giant reached second base all game.

When Lee missed badly on his first two pitches to Renteria, you knew a strike was coming next. Renteria didn’t miss it, clubbed the winning home run and pocketed the MVP Award. I understand Lee’s mentality to go-after hitters, but the decision not to pitch around Edgar will always be questioned.

Here’s to wishing Lee doesn’t sign with the damn Yankees this offseason. He’s a good fit for the Rangers, or any team for that matter, but anywhere other New York would suite me fine. St. Louis, however, would be tough to swallow!

I’m very interested to see were the Giants turn. Do they keep their castoffs that just won the title or start moving again in a younger direction?

And after watching San Fran’s starting pitching end 56 years of frustration, remind me again why the Cubs dealt Ted Lilly?


E. Burriss The Right Fit For S.F.

By bullpenbrian - December 2, 2008 - 1:38 am Leave a comment.

Emmanuel Burriss, not Renteria should play SS for S.F. in 2009

What’s a great way to kill a youth movement?

Sign a 33-year-old Edgar Renteria to play SS next season.

And that’s exactly what the Giants are close to doing.

Since the club’s last winning season in 2004 (91-71), the Giants have averaged just 73 wins per year without finishing higher than third in the division.

Yet, if the past four losing seasons have meant anything it’s that San Fran has slowly rebuilt itself into a young and talented squad.

The 2005 season highlighted the arrivals of Noah Lowry, 24, and Matt Cain, 20.

In 2006 came 25-year-olds Brian Wilson and Fred Lewis.

The following season soon-to-be Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, 23, arrived.

And last season 13 players 26-years-old or younger played for the Giants at one point or another, many playing in 30+ games.

It’s understandable the team’s new owner, Bill Neukom, is looking to make a splash since taking over October 1st for the retired Peter Magowan but, why revert to old ways that didn’t work?

Besides, the club’s first round draft pick in 2005, SS Emmanuel Burriss, is merely 23-years-old with 95 games under his belt from last season.

Stick with the plan S.F., go young and talented…let Renteria play elsewhere…give your young guys a chance to play.

And so, be gone with the days of signing aging veterans the likes of: Ray Durham – Omar Vizquel – Randy Winn – Rich Aurilia – Dave Roberts – Ryan Klesko – Mark Sweeney – Steve Kline – Armando Benitez - Steve Finley – Moises Alou – Jose Vizcaino – Tim Worrell – Jeff Fassero

All I’m saying is it worked for Tampa Bay didn’t it.


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