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Bullpen Session – Brewster’s Millions

By bullpenbrian - January 20, 2011 - 12:01 am Leave a comment.

Relax? There's a goddamn train going through the outfield!

The Bullpen Session is a weekly round-up of my observations surrounding Cubs baseball and much more!

Richard Pryor is one of my all time favorite funny men. Few make me laugh as hard as Pryor does.

I recently watched Brewster’s Millions staring Pryor as a minor league pitcher, Montgomery Brewster. The premise is he needs to waste $30M in 30 days in order to receive a $300m inheritance. But there’s a catch, of course, Brewster can’t tell anyone why he’s wasting his money!

So it’s a bad 80s flick, but I like it nonetheless. John Candy plays a predominate role as Brewster’s best friend and Brewster wears a Cubs jersey throughout.

Now put yourself in Brewster’s position. How would you waste $30M in 30 days, if given the chance? Think about it!


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