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Big Red: Once A Cub Now A Rocky

By bullpenbrian - February 6, 2009 - 12:03 am Leave a comment.

The A’s recently traded former Cub Matt Murton to Colorado.

I think it’s a big-break for the big red-head.

With Matt Holiday sent packing to Oakland earlier this off season, the Rockies’ LF position is wide open for the 27-year-old Murton.

If given a chance to play everyday, I believe Murton can put up strong numbers, especially slugging in Denver’s thin air.

Plus, heading into his prime years Murton already brings to the table a respectable career average of .288 and a .354 OBP in just 900 at-bats.

I envision more power from Murton, more RBIs and perhaps a season so strong Cubs fans will want to know “why’d we get rid of this guy?”

  • Dusty Baker is a better manager than most Cubs fans give him credit for.

And despite his label as a veteran’s first guy, Baker has gone with youth in Cincinnati – that is, until he went good-buddy system with Jacque Jones and Daryle Ward.

Didn’t Dusty learn anything from bringing Corey Patterson to the Reds???

The man is passionate about baseball, and still is after 29-years of broadcasting nearly every single major sporting even.

When you get paid for fulfilling your passion, it’s not work.

The best part is MLB promising Costas that he’ll have free range in criticizing his new employer…but, we’ll see how long before Costas has the opportunity to do so.


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