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Face 2 Face At Wrigley

By bullpenbrian - February 14, 2009 - 12:45 am Leave a comment.

One sunny July afternoon during 2007 I was sitting at Murphy’s Bleachers’ beer garden with a good friend of mine rehashing old memories and pouring down cold Old Styles.

My buddy was visiting from out of town for the Sting concert to be held that evening at Wrigley Field.

While taking in the sun we noticed a white van pull up and stop just past Murphy’s on Sheffield Avenue.

To our surprise, out stepped Sting himself, who politely posed long enough for my pal to snap a picture.

From there Sting meandered into the park and we stumbled back to the beer garden.

And the next thing we know we’re listening to the band practice on stage in center field! Cool memory for both of us.

Although, the Sting moment made me realized I was missing out by not having purchased a ticket to the show…thus, I’d make sure to be at the next Wrigley Field concert.

Of course, last year came and went with no concert held at Wrigley.

This year, however, Elton John’s and Billy Joel’s Face 2 Face Tour plays the Friendly Confines July 21st: yesterday I bought my tickets.

Section 240, seats 101 & 102 (third base side, middle deck)…it wasn’t cheap, but it had to be done.

Seats are again for sale today on-line at Ticket Master.com.

  • Lou Piniella says he’s “saddened” with the news of A-Rod’s PED use.

I’d like to ask Lou if he ever suspected Rodriguez was using while playing in Seattle.

  • Speaking of PEDs, Jim Hendry offers up an interesting angle about the actual number of MLB players on steroids (courtesy MLB.com).

There was some speculation that as many as 50 to 70 percent of the players were “cheating,” Hendry said. However, if you have 40-man rosters on 30 teams, that’s 1,200 players. Half of that is 600. The report was that 104 tested positive in 2003 [It doesn't add up].


Ryno the Cubs’ Next Manager

By bullpenbrian - December 17, 2008 - 12:45 am Leave a comment.

In two years Ryne Sandberg will manage the Chicago Cubs.

Figure this: the upcoming season is the final year of Sweet Lou’s 3-year deal, throw in a fourth option year for Piniella (meaning the Cubs don’t win the World Series in 2009 and Lou returns in 2010) and Sandberg makes his way from the minor leagues to the bigs for 2011.

The big club announced today Sandberg is taking his act south to Double-A Tennessee after two seasons with Single-A Peoria (131-146).

Forget the sub .500 record with the Chiefs, it doesn’t matter.

The man is a born leader; he played like one on the field and continues to carry himself like one off it.

What’s important in Tennessee is for Sandberg to hone his managerial skills as a bench boss in time to take over for Piniella.

Yes, a winning record is desirable with the Smokies but, no matter the outcome in Tennessee, Ryne Sandberg WILL BE A CANDIDATE TO REPLACE PINIELLA sooner rather than later.

In turn, chances are Sandberg begins fielding big-league managerial offers after this season…so, if Lou is gone after 2009, Ryno is the next man up in Chicago.

If Lou stays???

Then there’s the chance Sandberg manages at Triple-A Iowa or moves outside the Cubs’ organization but, I don’t see that happening.


Lou Manager of the Year

By bullpenbrian - November 14, 2008 - 1:07 am Leave a comment.

NY Times

Photo: NY Times

Even Sweet Lou winning the NL Manager of the Year doesn’t help relieve the sting from the first week in October.

In fact, in unfortunate circumstance, the award going to Piniella actually reopens the wounds of the heart-break season that was for the 2008 Chicago Cubs.

Sorry ‘over it’ Cub fans but, I’m still recovering.

Listen, I’m a huge Piniella fan, no matter where he’s managing.

The guy is a winner, a great motivator and a strong leader in every sense, and the Cubs are nowhere near 97 wins this season without him.

Yes, Lou is deserving of the award, no question, but what about Charlie Manuel, skipper of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies?

Doesn’t Chuck deserve the top credit too? (He finished second in the balloting).

Nonetheless, it a wonderful credit to Piniella from his peers, but we’d all trade it in for a trip to the World Series in 2009…or perhaps, just a single victory in the 2009 NLDS.


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